Midwest Education Technology Conference 
February 10-12, 2014

How can social media help engage 21st century learners in a project-based classroom?

Thank you to all the attendees at my session at the conference. I appreciate your support, and hope the session was helpful to you. Below, please find my slides from the session (including the embedded links) and a link to two different lists in my Diigo Collection. 

One of the most important parts of learning is the social aspect. In encouraging learners to be able to learn socially, we reject that the “locus of knowledge” resides solely in the individual. Social constructivism encourages collaboration and knowledge construction among connected learners as “cultural activities and tools… are regarded as integral to conceptual development”(Palincsar, 1998, p. 348). Think of those times when your classroom was buzzing with chatty students, talking, sharing, debating, and learning together. Now think about how you can foster that more effectively and encourage a continued dialogue with today's digital tools. 

Please see the following links for session materials and further info:

Thank you again for attending my session—it was an honour to be able to share with you. If you have any questions, cool ideas, or want to connect, please add me on twitter (@kenjeffery) or send me an email. 


Palincsar, A. (1998). Social constructivist perspectives on teaching and learning. Annual Review of Psychology, 49, 345–375.

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